"Shadower is our largest and most impressive project totaling over 100 thousand lines of code. We are very proud of the work we have done as well as the potential that it has. We feel prepared to take on larger projects as a result of our success here."

- Owner, Jonathan Emig

About Shadower

Shadower is a platform where experts in a given field share their experience with individuals that would like to gain industry explerience or explore career options.

Shadower provides great value to experts by allowing them to choose their price. An expert can decide how long they would like to offer the session as well as how much they would like to charge.

Shadowers gain hands on experience in a wide range of professions. This allows people the opportunity to try out careers before they commit to a job for years at a time.

Concept Drawn
Concept Drawn


We were tasked with designing and developing the Shadower platform from the ground up. We had to develop calendars, booking modals, payment portals, expert profiles, search tools, and more.


We created all the features described above plus a few other features because of a small amount of scope creep. The scope creep we did encounter was manageable because we spent a significant amount of time defining the scope in the beginning and we gave ourselves a full year to complete a beta version.

Concept Drawn