Flux Tech


Matt Luongo

Jonathan is a flexible, thoughtful, scrappy developer. He's quick to learn and adapt — both new technologies as well as a changing startup — and picks up biz requirements and product ideas naturally. He's also a source of energy and passion across the team, works great cross-functionally, and is autonomous without being a lone wolf. You'd be lucky to have him on your team.

- Matt Luongo | CEO, Thesis*

Jason Pacini

I have been working with Flux Tech for a couple months now to build a web-based application and it has been a very smooth experience. Jonathan and Dan are very knowledgeable and professional.

- Jason Pacini | Founder, Shadower

Tom Edwards

Jonathan is an intelligent and motivated individual. He is more than capable of designing a website and much more. As part of his former responsibilities, Jonathan was tasked to design two websites and integrate ecommerce. I would highly recommend him.

- Tom Edwards | Department Head - Mechanical Engineering, SARA Inc

Justin Kovach

Our experience with Flux Tech was excellent. Incredible responsiveness. Whenever an issue arose, it was resolved amazingly quickly. Pleasant, professional and very easy to work with.

- Justin Kovach